Sheetalnath Bhairava – print of original painting by Sapna Dhar

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Sheetalnath Bhairava

The trick of cause and effect leads one to deeper curiosity, which compels one to find the reason behind the existence of the world. Swamiji says the world manifests by the sweet will of lord Shiva – out of the abundance of his Bliss. The epitome of the manifested bliss has been portrayed here in the form of Sheetalnath Bhairava. The subjective quality of this bliss is shown like that of the nectar of the moon.

Just a portrait by itself is not a Bhairava. It is formless energy, which is experiential. As a medium and a subjective seer channeling specific consciousness, and the subtle bodies of deities, these are the most organic manifestations of different Bhairavas that have chosen to appear in their own way, and hence this is a happening by itself.

Print Details: 25×35 inches
Material: 100% Silk Twill
Artist: Sapna Dhar, Lets Paint Peace,
Sheetalnath Bhairava painting by Sapna Dhar sm

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