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Tattvas (Elements) The Building Blocks of Creation in Kashmir Shaivism


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In this 4-part online course students will participate in an in-depth study of “The Tattvas (Elements) as The Building Blocks of Creation in Kashmir Shaivism” with many audio examples of lectures given by Swami Lakshmanjoo to John and Denise Hughes. Together with George Barselaar, a close disciple of Swamiji, they will elaborate and discuss the subject of Tattvas (elements) .

Includes: 4 hours and more recorded teachings and discussion, including original audio of Swami Lakshmanjoo, transcripts for some of the  audio and other material.

The philosophy and teachings of Kashmir Shaivism reveal the essential nature of reality and give one access to what is known as the mystical geography of awareness. These teachings contain the tools necessary to understand and realize the reality and essence of Kashmir Shaivism as embodied in the expression God and the individual are one.

In the two schools of Indian philosophy, Samkhya and Vedanta, we are told that there are only twenty-five tattvas whereas in Kashmir Shaivism it is known that there are actually thirty-six tattvas. These thirty-six tattvas are the most important points for entering into Kashmir Shaivism.

The tattvas are a map of ones’ own consciousness in all its aspects. Moving from the grossest of the elements as found in external perception in the waking state to the state of supreme universal consciousness. From the five great elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether), to the essential reality of one’s pure limitless subjective conscious awareness.

Tattvas, the Building blocks of creation - webinar

But then the question must be asked, “How did pure unbounded conscious awareness become the limited and bound individual being? The answer to this question is found in the explanation of the additional eleven tattvas as proclaimed in the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism. In these additional tattvas you’ll see the movement from universal to individual and from individual to universal and how and why it takes place.

These teachings form the basis of the book Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme. This book contains the essential teachings of Abhinavagupta’s 'magnum opus' Tantraloka.

The lectures we will be listening to are from the book Kashmir Shaivism The Secret Supreme and were given to John and Denise Hughes when they asked Swami Lakshmanjoo to teach them Kashmir Shaivism.

Participants of this live online course will:

  • Study the systematic unfolding of the Tantric teachings of the ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.
  • Be guided through the labyrinth of the monistic teachings of this profound tradition, long enshrouded in secrecy.
  • Learn about the ascent of individual consciousness to universal God Consciousness, aptly named the ‘mystical geography of awareness’.



Course leaders:

The discussions will be led by John Hughes, Denise Hughes and George Barselaar, all of whom studied directly with Swami Lakshmanjoo.

Swami Lakshmanjoo was the last in the lineage of teachers dating back to Abhinavagupta. Through his own personal awakening he experienced and taught the essence of the Tattvas. In his teachings’ he always emphasized the practical aspects of Kashmir Shaivism.

***Limited number of scholarships are available upon request.

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