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We are happy to announce the publication and release of the first Spanish edition of Swami Lakshmanjoo’s seminal work Kashmir Shaivism, The Secret Supreme, as translated by Federico Oliveri.

Estamos muy felices de anunciar el lanzamiento de la primera edición en español de la trascendental obra de Swami Lakshmanjoo Shaivismo de Cachemira, el Supremo secreto, traducida por Federico Oliveri.


Spanish translation of Kashmir Shaivism the Secret Supreme

The chapters which comprise this book are derived from the audio recordings of the lectures given in 1971 to John and Denise Hughes by Swami Lakshmanjoo in answer to their request to be taught Kashmir Shaivism. These teachings are based on Swami Lakshmanjoo's years of study and practical experience, as well as the Kashmir Shaivite oral tradition and its sacred scriptures. 

In Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme, Swami Lakshmanjoo presents a systematic unfolding of the Tantric teachings of the ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.  Herein, he guides the reader through the labyrinth of the monistic teachings of this profound tradition. It illumines many of the important philosophical concepts contained within Abhinavagupta’s Tantrāloka, which is considered to be a foundational text of Kashmir Shaivism. This teaching, long enshrouded in secrecy, is so rich and detailed in its descriptions of what it reveals as the ascent of individual consciousness to universal God Consciousness that it has been aptly described as a mystical geography of awareness. Throughout this text he emphasizes the importance of practically realizing the reality of these teachings. The material is neatly divided into nineteen chapters; the presentation is both systematic and cumulative in a style which is clear, concise, and compact.

The translator, Federico Oliveri, lives in Argentina. Since 1993 he has practiced and studied in the lineage of Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa. He is a translator, editor and publisher of spiritual texts, and the founder of Ediciones Maha Yoga. His work has the institutional support of the Indian Embassy in Argentina.

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Los capítulos que componen este libro provienen de las grabaciones de audio de las clases dadas en 1971 por Swami Lakshmanjoo a John y Denise Hughes, en respuesta a su solicitud de que les enseñara Shaivismo de Cachemira. Estas enseñanzas se basan en los años de estudio y experiencia práctica de Swami Lakshmanjoo, así como en la tradición oral y las sagradas escrituras del Shaivismo Cachemir.

En "Shaivismo de Cachemira: El Supremo secreto", Swami Lakshmanjoo presenta un desarrollo sistemático de las enseñanzas tántricas de la antigua tradición del Shaivismo de Cachemira. Guía al lector a través del laberinto de las enseñanzas monistas de esta profunda tradición. Ilumina muchos de los conceptos filosóficos importantes contenidos en el Tantrāloka de Abhinavagupta, que es considerado como un texto fundamental del Shaivismo de Cachemira. Esta enseñanza, guardada en secreto por largo tiempo, es tan rica y detallada en sus descripciones de lo que revela como el ascenso de la conciencia individual a la Conciencia de Dios universal que ha sido acertadamente descripta como una geografía mística de la conciencia. A lo largo de este texto enfatiza la importancia de darse cuenta de la realidad de estas enseñanzas de manera práctica. El material está claramente dividido en diecinueve capítulos. La presentación es sistemática y acumulativa en un estilo que es claro, conciso y compacto.

El traductor, Federico Oliveri, vive en Argentina. Desde 1993 practica y estudia en el linaje de Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa. Es traductor y editor de textos espirituales, y creador de Ediciones Maha Yoga. Su tarea cuenta con el Aval Institucional de la Embajada de la India en Argentina.

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The Lakshmanjoo Academy publishes and distributes the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism from a library of lectures given over a period of more than twenty years by the realized master Swami Lakshmanjoo. He lived from 1907 until 1991 and was the last living master of the oral tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. In his teachings, which are based on his personal experience, he shines a light on this profound philosophy making these revelations easily accessible to one and all. These teachings are made available in written, audio, and video formats.


Kashmir Shaivism has been passed down for millennia as an oral tradition even though the Shaivite scriptures were available to the aspirants. Why? 


To understand that is to grasp the extra dimension of power that is communicated by direct contact with the master. But, truly there is no surprise here. Everyone has experienced the difference in the lecture by a teacher who goes beyond the intellectual understanding by having mastered what is being lectured on; such a lecture includes an extra dimension, the unspoken in the spoken.


The books you are purchasing are only a part of an intended study set which includes the audio from the original lectures recorded in Kashmir given by Swami Lakshmanjoo to his students. By listening to the lectures themselves you are able to experience the power of the great line of Shaivite masters and follow in the footsteps of students learning the esoteric and cryptic secrets hidden in the texts.


Please take advantage of the original lecture audio included with your book purchase by down loading the MP3 files from the Universal Shaivism Fellowship site.


The Lakshmanjoo Academy maintains a website with complete information about Swami Lakshmanjoo and the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism, a photo gallery, a audio and video library, and a calendar of public events.



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