Yoga of the Heart – book by Alice Christensen

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“I found a new copy of Mother Alice’s book, Yoga of the Heart: Ten Ethical Principals for Gaining Limitless Growth, Confidence, and Achievement. It is based on her classes with Swami Laksmanjoo about the Yamas and Niyamas. It’s a unique view of the Yoga ethics pointing out subtle aspects that are not usually talked about. This book has a magical quality of opening more and more awareness with each reading. Only a handful of new copies of this book exist. It was published in 1998 and is out of print now. I found one which I’d like to donate to the auction if you’d like to list it.”  ~Anne Caruso

Yoga of the Heart: Ten Ethical Principals for Gaining Limitless Growth, Confidence, and Achievement.

This book is new and shrink-wrapped. Daybreak Books, 1998, ISBN 087596429X, 9780875964294, 204 pages

Mother Alice references Swamiji throughout the book making it clear that he taught her this deeper understanding of the Yamas and Niyamas.

Clearly explains why the philosophy of yoga, not technique, is the key to developing courage, confidence and well-being

People typically practice yoga for its strengthening and meditative effects, and therefore most of the commercial books to date have focused on the breathing and bending aspects. Yoga of the Heart takes the reader a step further — into the development of confidence and well-being by reaching deep into yogic philosophy to explain in simple terms it’s ten essential ethics. It includes such lessons as:
— “Do no harm”. (Ethic #1)
— “Learn More About What’s Important to You” (Ethic #2)
— “Encourage Heroic Capability in Yourself” (Ethic #10)

Alice Christensen shows that when these principles are applied daily, life grows richer and more satisfying. The key message is that living happily in a world overwhelmed with uncertainties is the pinnacle of achievement, for within uncertainty lies possibility.

From the Back Cover

“Most people associate Yoga with the physical postures and movements that are taught in classes or learned from books. The physical aspect of Yoga, however, is only a small part of the great body of thought and technique that is the tradition of Yoga. In fact, the physical exercises and breathing techniques were originally designed simply to keep the body strong and healthy so that the practitioner could more easily reach for some deeper aspects of Yoga.Many practitioners begin to realize after some time that there is “something else” to be discovered in Yoga that speaks to our universal desire for meaning. While the daily exercises are tuning the physical body into shape, mystical awareness begins to emerge. This happens most often when the ethical practices of Yoga, which are detailed in this book, are combined with the physical routines. Often, feelings of inner strength, self-confidence, and inner peace begin to emerge as this other aspect of Yoga starts to reveal itself.”

About the Author

Alice Christensen founded the American Yoga Association in 1968. A Yoga teacher for more than forty years, she is the author of several books, including the best-selling 20-Minute Yoga Workouts.

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