Vetalraj Bhairava – print of original painting by Sapna Dhar

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Vetalraj Bhairava

Vetalraj has a form that is a more potent and fiery form, that of Agni Vetal who is the sevak (serves) of none other than goddess Kalika. He’s the doorkeeper of the dead and subdued consciousness to an awakened consciousness. He merges the two, relieving the seeker from the pangs of a limited world – which is dead and devoid of God-consciousness.

Just a portrait by itself is not a Bhairava. It is formless energy, which is experiential. As a medium and a subjective seer channeling specific consciousness, and the subtle bodies of deities, these are the most organic manifestations of different Bhairavas that have chosen to appear in their own way and hence this is a happening by itself.

Print Details: 25×35 inches
Material: 100% Silk Twill
Artist: Sapna Dhar, Lets Paint Peace,
Vetalraj Bhairava painting by Sapn

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