Vatuk (Batuk) Bhairava – print of original painting by Sapna Dhar

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Vatuk (Batuk) Bhairava

All-encompassing energy – Objective, Subjective and Cognitive- A state of self beyond limited perceptions and distortions, hence witnessing a childlike quality of playfulness of the Universe, combined with the universal wisdom of a cosmic mother and cosmic father, who themselves embody the qualities of a cosmic child.
Hence here the cosmic child is cosmic parent filled, and the cosmic parent is a cosmic child filled.

This artwork shows the childlike innocence of Lord Bhairava, accompanied by a loving Dog, as is mentioned in Hindu mythology and temple iconography.

Child-like playfulness attributes to going beyond the limited ego-self and surrendering to unlearning, which ultimately paves a path to supreme knowledge. It’s an embodiment of being full of knowledge, so it’s childlike-playful-sweet piercing of nectar-timelessness. Childlike innocence are the times when we are really able to successfully meditate too.

Just a portrait by itself is not a Bhairava. It is the formless energy, which is experiential. As a medium and a subjective seer channeling specific consciousness, and the subtle bodies of deities, these are the most organic manifestations of different Bhairavas that have chosen to appear in their own way, and hence this is a happening by itself.

Print Details: 25×35 inches
Material: 100% Silk Twill
Artist: Sapna Dhar, Lets Paint Peace,
Vatuk (Batuk) Bhairava painting by Sapna Dhar sm

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