Moksha Bhairava – print of original painting by Sapna Dhar

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Moksha Bhairava

Swamiji say’s,

“The liberation from repeated births and deaths and being centered in the Parabhairava state is called moksha. And that moksha is not somewhere in the uppermost akasha (ether). For attaining moksha you have not to tread from the state where you are already existing in the field of maya (illusion). There is no journey to be covered. The starting point of the journey is the ending point of the Journey.”

The artwork portrays fire all over Bhairava, consuming all objectivity and that which remains is only space, the akasha in self.

Just a portrait by itself is not a Bhairava. It is the formless energy, which is experiential. As a medium and a subjective seer channeling specific consciousness, and the subtle bodies of deities, these are the most organic manifestations of different Bhairavas that have chosen to appear in their own way, and hence this is a happening by itself.

Print Details: 25×35 inches
Material: 100% Silk Twill
Artist: Sapna Dhar, Lets Paint Peace,
Moksha Bhairava painting by Sapna Dhar

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