2021 Auction Fundraiser

As we move into fall and the end of this year 2021, we are looking at creating more ways of funding the Universal Shaiva Fellowship. This will help with the future publishing of books, funding the website, and much more.

Give yourself a special treat this holiday season!
Or give a very personal gift to a person of your choice.
Scroll down to look at the auction… 


The end of the auction is December 15th at midnight Pacific time.


Also, you can support us directly…

Donate here…

Please share this page with your friends and family.

Thank you 🙏

The Universal Shaiva Fellowship Team

1. To place your bid you need to Login/Register! (confirmation emails will come from usf.office@gmail.com)
(If you are on a mobile phone scroll down, past the login option, to see the register option.) 

2. Then go back to this auction page and you will be able to place your bid successfully.

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